One of Our Pylons is Missing

For some reason, Chaka has a picnic basket.

This clears it up. They were all exploring, and Chaka was carrying their lunch.

Chaka is being chased by spot. For some reason, a hole opens in the ground.

Spot falls into the hole, and then the hole disappears.

A hole opens under the picnic basket. (Yet it seems to be falling towards the blue portion, not away from it.)

Another hole opens and Chaka falls into it.

Holly remains to see if Chaka returns while Will and his father go to check on another pylon.

Another view.

They go inside a pylon. There's also a noise that sounds like a heartbeat.

They see an image of Holly.

Holly is trapped in a hole.

Holly's rope breaks and she falls further into the hole. (Using a doll as a substitute for Holly, and it doesn't quite work.)

Holly stops falling and is floating near some huge, heart-type object.

The dinosaur is also floating nearby.

As are the lunch basket and Chaka.

Rick goes into the hole.

The hole closes on him, too. (Why didn't he realize that it would do that?)

Now he's floating around the object.

Rick uses the mirror he carries to reflect a light beam from the object back at it, and the three of them are pushed out of the tunnel.

The hole opens again, we hear a burping sound, and the picnic basket shoots out of the hole.

The object is apparently the power source for the LOTL, consuming things that fall into the holes and converting them to energy, then distributing the energy through the pylons.

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