The Test

The Pacuni are conducting a ceremony.

It's sort of a coming-of-age ceremony for Chaka.

Chaka visits the cave.

They find out Chaka has to steal an egg from Big Alice.

Chaka gets to the ancient city.

Chaka spots one of Big Alice's eggs.

Big Alice sees what Chaka is doing and is sneaking up on him.

Chaka has thrown something on the ground and Big Alice seems to be intrigued by it.

Will uses his mirror to blind Big Alice so Chaka can escape.

Big Alice moves the egg back, so Chaka tries to disguise himself as a bush and sneak up on the egg.

So all three push on the egg.

Will finds an unused entrance to something.

To make matters worse, the egg starts to hatch.

The result.

Because Chaka did not bring back a complete egg, Ta says he failed the test.

Junior is so cute.

18 Ta changes his mind and says Chaka has passed the test and gives him the manhood beads.

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