Gravity Storm

Holly has been making clay pots, and they are going to haul them up to an oven.

The Pacuni are picking fruit.

Spike's eating.

The gravity suddenly increases.

The effect doesn't last very long.

It happens again.

They come to check out the weather pylon and see if someone is messing with it.

Holly has hurt her ankle.

They go to the misty marsh to confront the Zarn.

The Zarn explains that he's working with the gravity drive on his spaceship. He plans to escape from the LOTL, but Rick tells him that the only actual way out is through a time portal, and if the Zarn tries to get out by brute force, it will destroy him and the LOTL.

Zarn's robotic dinosaur, Fred.

Fred chases them.

Fred climbs the cliff after them and isn't affected by the gravity effect, but it is affected by the lightning bolt.

Rick explains they need to bombard Zarn's mind with emotional thoughts (just like the beings on Talos IV in the Star Trek episode)

They get the Zarn upset and he makes a mistake with the gravity drive. Another gravity storm happens, and now rocks are falling.

The spaceship crumbles.

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