The Longest Day

The cave gets more and more of a lived-in look to it.

Dopey's outside the cave.

Holly talks to Dopey.

Inside a pylon, something is going wrong.

Holly tells them that the sun is still in the same place it was when she went out of the cave earlier.

The dinosaurs, sensing something is wrong, have gotten very loud.

Sleestak in the Library of Skulls.

I think they're seeing an image of the lost city as it once was.

Holly and Will watch as their father is captured by Sleestaks who think he's responsible for whatever is going wrong.

A Sleestak is talking to a skull. The Sleestak is wearing some kind of device that allows its voice to be heard in English.

They are basically putting Rick Marshall on trial.

He basically tries to get the Sleestak to consider the possibility that they have been misinterpreting the information given to them by the skulls.

Now all three are in the chamber.

They escape from the room, but Rick is suffering hallucinations from the effect of the smoke.

Another hallucination.

Another one.

He finally makes it outside. Will and Holly had never actually entered the Library of the Skulls.

They get to the pylon and see the scene he had watched in the Library of the Skulls.

He replaces the faulty crystal and the device starts working again. It's basically a clock that controls time in the LOTL.

The sun sets. They run into some Sleestaks, but the Sleestaks don't bother them and return Rick's knife.

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