The Pylon Express

The Pacuni are dancing around a pylon.

Rick and Will are awoken by the chanting.

Three moons line up. (The middle one had been moving very fast.)

The sun rises and the pylon door opens. The pylon itself has no key.

The Pacuni had thrown some vegetable into the pylon, and a bunch of regular groceries and even a grocery cart tumbled out.

Rick and Will go inside the pylon and the door shuts behind them.

Holly doesn't know where they have gone.

Holly finds out from Chaka where Will and Rick are.

She realizes that the pylon is lacking a key.

The pylon door opens and Holly goes inside. Ta closes the door behind her.

Then it opens, and Rick and Will come out, but not Holly.

Holly's in the pylon.

The door opens to snow-covered mountains.

Then it opens to the lost city in its prime.

Then it opens to some kind of strange place.

The strange thing hopped right into the pylon.

The thing hops out at the next stop but blows up.

It opens somewhere else to an object suspicious like the Martian war machine from the original movie.

It next opens on Earth.

Holly gets back.

Rick says he found out how the pylon opens, and it won't be for another three or four years.

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