The Babysitter

The cave is getting to be quite homey. Rick and Will are going on a mapping expedition, and Holly wants to stay alone in the cave. Rick says she can stay, but only if Chaka stays with her.

The Zarn.

The Zarn insults a dinosaur.

Holly is making a new outfit for herself. Meanwhile, Chaka has made Ta mad by dropping some food on him.

Chaka goes to Holly for help.

The Zarn is in the cave, but Holly can't see him.

Holly is washing the dishes.

Chaka had thrown a bowl into the forest. He goes to get it, but it keeps moving out of reach due to the Zarn's telekinesis.

Ta shows up and sees Chaka wearing Holly's dress and bursts into laughter.

The Zarn uses his abilities to hit Ta in the face with a melon.

Ta is calling out Chaka, and Holly says the only way to stop a bully is to fight him.

Holly figures out it's the Zarn behind the pranks.

She tells off the Zarn.

They start talking.

Holly wants him to help Chaka win a fight against Ta so Ta will stop bullying Chaka.

The Zarn explains that Ta is the alpha Pacuni, and that Chaka is a Pacuni child and must be a follower and not a leader.

Chaka cowers, but the Zarn hits Ta with a bush and Ta takes off running.

The Zarn and Holly talk some more.

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