The Musician

The title, showing two of the walking bugs that have been used in the last few episodes.

Holly's playing for Chaka.

Big Alice and Junior.

They're going to explore a temple near the lost city.

They're looking at something that looks like human hands.

They find a tablet with some form of writing on it.

Chaka gets the door open and they go inside a room.

A ring appears on the table. Holly puts in on, then finds out she can't get it off.

They find another room.

Meanwhile, Chaka's playing with the table.

The result is some kind of display in the sky.

They leave the room, and the table lights up by itself and there are lights in the room.

Something forms in the lights.

The dinosaurs see whatever it is walking by.

Holly can't feel her hand any more.

Chaka hears someone call his name. Ta and Sa hear their names called, also, and look at the sky.

Ta and Sa go to the cave.

Holly starts to act hypnotized or something. She says the “builder” is coming.

Holly says the ring has to be returned, so they are making their way back to the temple, but her leg has now gone asleep.

Will falls and hurts his knee, so he's going back to the cave.

Will runs into the creature.

The creature says to Will that he has proven himself, and that it's not his time, and renders Will unconscious.

The creature says that Rick has already proven himself, and does the same to him it did to Will.

Ta and Sa run off, but Chaka tries to pull Holly to the temple. The creature tells Chaka he has failed, and “it is time.”

The creature gets the ring back, shrinks, and ends up like this.

They touch hands. It ends up giving Chaka the ring.

Chaka is now able to make music.

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