Split Personality

An earthquake happens.

It's a pretty strong earthquake.

The dinosaur that fell into a crevice seems to be ok and can get out.

Will sees an image of Holly.

Soon a partial image appears near Holly.

The image appears in the cave. The image merges with Holly for a moment and asks for help.

The other version of Holly is speaking through her.

Holly is trying to figure out where they are supposed to go.

She tries to visualize where the other Marshalls are.

She has located where the other family is.

They enter a chamber and hear a car horn.

They see a large green crystal.

They find the other two trapped in the rock.

Rick says that the other two are mirror images and are in some other LOTL.

They pick up two green crystals from the floor and put them in the matrix. The other Rick is holding a third crystal.

They get the third crystal and put in in. The matrix is now on the floor, and the other Marshalls have vanished.

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