Spike and Grumpy are fighting.

The Sleestak are out at night up to something, although with as much noise as they make they definitely couldn't sneak up on anything.

They mess with a pylon.

It should be daylight but it's not, and the small middle moon (called Speedy) has stopped moving.

Rick and Holly go to check out the clock pylon while Will stays back to protect the cave from any loose Sleestaks.

The Sleestak sneak up on Holly (how in the heck could they do that?) Anyhow, they don't want the clock fixed.

A pretty neat scene.

Enik goes to talk to the Council who call him their “dwarf brother of strange ways.” They want to keep it dark all the time to catch a bunch of moths, eat them, and lay fertile eggs.

Enik tells that that, if they let the night go on forever, it will mean the end of the Altrusian race (their race.)

Enik got thrown out of the Library of Skulls, so he comes to talk Rick into going back with him to the library and have him talk to the skulls to find out what the future of the Sleestaks is.

Enik explains why he's bared from the library. The temperature is falling, and that is killing the moths that the Sleestaks depend upon.

Enik tells the other Sleestak that the human claims “Altrusian grace,” which is to allow him to pass unharmed to the library and ask a question.

The skull tells Enik they can ask a question.

Rick asks what is the future of the Sleestak if it stays eternal night, but no picture forms. Enik says this shows there is no future for the Sleestak.

They find the second clock pylon. (Which has me confused now. If it's the same pylon Rick was in earlier, wouldn't he know where it was? Yet he acted like he didn't know.)

Enik draws off the three guards so Rick can get into the pylon and fix the matrix.

Rick fixes the matrix. The Sleestak that had been trying to capture Enik flee from the sunlight.

Rick took the entry control devices from both pylons related to the clock.

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