The opening song music is nearly the same, but the lyrics are changed with the exiting of Rick Marshall. The opening scenes are different.

Rick is inside a pylon, and Will and Holly are sitting outside of it eating something.

They are talking about getting out of the LOTL.

An earthquake happens.

Their father has opened the doorway to earth, but falls through it.

A few of the earthquake scenes are from a previous episode, but there is added material, including some showing even the Sleestaks were having problems. The matrix table Rick was using is destroyed in the earthquake.

They find Chaka who tells them that Ta and Sa have vanished. Chaka speaks only English now, apparently.

A strange monster they have never seen appears.

High Bluff has been damaged. (But it still looks to me that there is plenty of room for them to get in and out of their cave.)

Holly had seen something fall in the LOTL, and they have all gone to investigate.

They find their Uncle Jack.

Will shows him the lost city and Big Alice.

They go check out the old temple to see if it is usable as a new home.

They get inside and the place seems to be usable.

Sleestak show up, but they drive them off with torches. They order the humans to give up the temple and then they attack again.

16 They get the door fixed and close it to keep out the Sleestak.

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