Survival Kit

The guy wants meat and jewels and gold. He threatens to drown the Sleestak eggs unless them bring him “proper tribute.”

Enik and the Sleestak leader consult the Library of Skulls, and the skull tells them that they can appease Malak, the guy who claims to be a god.

Holly is not feeling well.

Uncle Jack is going to try to recover a survival kit that sank in the swamp. (Why didn't Rick try to do the same thing? He had plenty of time to try.)

Enik is going to help the Sleestak attack the Marshalls.

Enik explains what is going on with Malak.

Uncle Jack tells Enik they will turn off the waters to the egg chamber if he stays there with Holly.

The situation in the egg chamber is getting quite bad.

The guy wants a personal slave.

They confront Malak.

Enik is showing concern for Holly.

Uncle Jack fixes Malak's toothache, but now Malak wants to see more “miracles.”

The Sleestak originally plan to take Enik as a slave for Malak, but Enik says they should give Malak the Marshalls.

Uncle Jack produces a flashlight and convinces Malak that he made it light up, and can teach Malak how to use it.

Before giving Malak the flashlight, Uncle Jack makes him shut off the river, then destroys the control apparatus.

The Sleestak arrive and the Marshalls escape, leaving Malak with a flashlight whose batteries are nearly dead.

The Sleestak have dealt with Malak and taken back their tribute.

Holly is feeling better now that they have given her some medicine from the kit.

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