The Sleestak are in the Library of Skulls trying to find a way to get rid of the Marshalls.

The skull tells them to use a certain orb, put it on the surface, and it will absorb all light. (Don't they remember that the last time they tried to make it dark forever they could have become extinct.)

Will is talking to Enik about the concept of morality.

They find a pylon that none of them have ever seen before.

The Sleestak (who, for some reason, are out in the daytime when they shouldn't be out) take Enik and Chaka.)

Will comes out of the pylon, saying it is completely empty.

Will becomes invisible without knowing it.

They have Enik in a net above the pit. The Sleestak plan to force the humans to get the orb to save Enik from being sacrificed.

Holly is making a torch.

Will gets to the temple and they can't see him.

They get to where the pylon should be, but it's not there.

Will is going to try to rescue Enik. He gets there and Enik explains what is happening.

They were planning to help Will, but Sleestak are right outside the door. (Why didn't they ever bother to make spears?)

Uncle Jack finally remembers he has a flare gun.

Will gets the orb.

Enik tells the Sleestak that the orb will not be their's until they release him.

Will drops the orb into the pit and it sounds like it shatters. The Sleestak try to throw Will into the pit, but the other Marshalls get there and Enik tells them all of them to stop fighting. (Enik is saying “that is not logical” so much I think he must be mutating into being a part Vulcan.)

Will explains to Holly that he could not see the “god of the pit,” that it was also invisible or something.

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