Again they are talking to one of the skulls, and again it comes up with a plan to destroy all life on the surface, and again this totally ignores what happened in an earlier episode. The Sleestak need the “sacred Altrusian moths” in order to have fertilized eggs, and if all life on the surface is destroyed, the moths will be destroyed, and no more Sleestak. How many times are they going to run this theme into the ground and ignore what has already happened?

Holly and Will are playing chess.

They get into a pylon that controls the sun and mess with the crystal matrix.

This causes the sun to produce solar flares (and a very cheap special effect of red-tinting the scene every time a “flare” is supposed to happen.)

Like this.

They flares seem to be having a very fast effect on things.

Very fast indeed.

Uncle Jack goes to get water, but there's not much there.

He's returning when he spots someone.

The guy pulls a diving rod out of his briefcase.

The guy explains he will be there for six hours exactly.

He admits he's working for someone, but won't say who or what that is.

The guy has an umbrella which somehow keeps off the heat of the flares.

He uses a hand-held force-field projector to hold off Big Alice.

They walk into and the Sleestak try to stop them. The guy uses the force-field and one Sleestak falls into the pit.

Blandings knocks his own force-field projector off and breaks it, is captured by the Sleestak, and is thrown into the pit.

Uncle Jack says that natural gas is coming up from the marsh, so they can capture some of it in bags and use those as a type of bomb against the Sleestak.

They throw one of their gas bombs and it works.

They get Blandings out of the pit.

They climb into the sun pylon from below, just as the Sleestak did. Blandings closes the hole, just as the Sleestak did. Blandings says the hole will not remain permanently closed, though.

Blandings replaces the crystal and that stops the solar flares, then he disappears exactly at six o'-clock.

This third season is getting to be really bad. I'm also wondering why no one has questioned the origin of the LOTL? Since Blandings said he was a repairman, then that indicates someone made the place (since a repairman is necessary), yet no one asked him about this at all. I know time was short and other things were happening, but still, that would seem to be a fairly important question, trying to find out who made the place and why. Likely Blandings wouldn't have given them a straight answer, but they could have at least asked the questions.

The LOTL is obviously a place that does not run according to normal physical laws. The sun can be stopped from moving; the moons can be controlled; solar flares can be turned on and off. Everything seems to be run by the pylons with their crystal matrices, all powered by some kind of underground heart. This all indicates that the LOTL is not a naturally-occurring place; the whole thing is some kind of artificial construct developed by someone with a very advanced technology, since even time-travel is involved.

It could be some kind of experimental laboratory to study the reactions of humans to other species and times, especially since a Cro-Magnon (Malak) man from humanity's long past had gotten into the land. Enik's people go back at least a thousand years; this was established much earlier in the series.

It would seem to me, at least, that whoever or whatever devised the LOTL are not a nice group of beings at all.

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