A new dinosaur has come to play, a fire-breathing dimetrodon.

And for some, totally inexplicable reason, he likes to breathe fire into the Sleestak's lost city, upsetting the Sleestak terribly.

Will got hit by the dinosaur's tail. It's making him quite sick.

The Sleestak are blaming this, too, on the humans, which is getting a little bit tiresome. If they want a war, all the humans have to do is wait till the Sleestak go into dormancy then wipe them out totally.

They once again talk to the nationalistic skull of wisdom (????), who says the humans have to get rid of the dinosaur or “suffer the consequences.” The head says that, if Will falls asleep, he will sleep forever, and tricking the Marshalls into getting rid of the dinosaur will cause them to get rid of themselves.

Nothing whatever is said of a cure for Will.

Enik claims he knows a cure.

They plan to get the dinosaur into the canyon, then push a boulder down and block the canyon entrance.

They are going to build a mirror with the mica.

“Torchy” eats coal to fuel his fire.

Uncle Jack is luring Torchy with lumps of coal.

Torchy sees his reflection and, being territorial, will attack.

They move the boulder and trap Torchy.

Enik tells them the “cure” is to just let the poison work its way out.

Torchy pushes his way past the boulders to escape.

Then will sings to close the episode.

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