Hot-air Artist

Chaka sees a balloon crashing.

Jack meets the unhurt balloon pilot. He's also from 1920.

They talk about fixing the balloon and escaping.

Once again we're back in the Library of Skulls, and once again the head Sleestak is complaining, this time about the “new intruder.”

The head of wisdom (suffering from advanced senility) says the guy is an evil god, and that they need to destroy his machine.

Will wonders what time they will go back to, and Jack says that whatever time it is, it's bound to be better than what they are in at the moment.

The take membranes from dinosaur eggs and make a new balloon out of them.

The Sleestak attack.

The guy is planning to use Chaka as an exhibit and travel the world, passing off Chaka as the “missing link.”

Holly realizes what the guy wants to do and is quite angry.

Jack confronts the guy about exhibiting Chaka.

Torchy is back.

They are taking turns watching for the Sleestaks. (Why didn't they gather lots of wood and build an arc around the area and light that up to make sure no Sleestaks got near?)

The guy plans to take off with Chaka and without the Marshalls.

Chaka escapes from the balloon and the guy takes off by himself.

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