Abominable Snowman

They find a unicorn.

They bring it back to Holly for a pet.

Enik says it is not good that the unicorn is there. Enik says a terrible creature will come hunting the unicorn.

Something happens to the unicorn, but it's not Enik's fault (for once.)

Enik says the creature has taken the unicorn.

Holly and Chaka go after the creature. Enik tells Jack and Will, and they head out after Holly.

The creature shows up and Chaka and Holly hide.

The creature.

Holly gives it a piece of the cake she made.

The tree had fallen into the gorge so Jack uses antlers and rope to snag a tree on the on the other side and go over the rope hand-over-hand. Will is to chop down a tree to make it possible for Holly and Chaka to cross.

(This show and a later show on the same subject totally contradict each other. In the later show, the Abominable Snowman is stopped by a Sleestak guardian; in this show, he seems to go where he wants to.)

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