4. Downstream

They build a raft hoping they can go downstream and perhaps find a city of some kind at the mouth of the river.

They have to abandon their raft and so end up exploring a tunnel.

They find a Confederate veteran in the cave.

Several Sleestak appear but the Confederate veteran opens fire on them with his cannon (but doesn't even injure any of them? ) Anyhow, the Sleestak drive them from the cave. It turns out the river makes a circle so instead of finding a way out they end up right back at their cave again.

One sort of minor technical thing. The veteran says "the South will rise again" as if he knew that the South had lost the Civil War (or the "War of Northern Aggression" as it is sometimes referred to) yet he still has the cannon. If I'm correct at the end of the Civil War all the military equipment was turned over to the Union Army, so the veteran would no longer have had access to a cannon.

It also raises the question of just when he got there. If he came there direct from the Civil War at the "proper" time he would have been at least 120 to 130 years old. If the cannon had fallen into the Land of the Lost as did the raft than the cannon would have been badly damaged; instead, it appeared to be in good working order.

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