One of the other doors at the temple opens after a small earthquake hits.

The door closes behind Will and Holly, but they don't know it.

They find a chamber among the tunnels.

They find a crystal set in a metal structure. They're attacked by a Sleestak, but it's stopped by the bright light.

Jack opens the door and they escape.

Enik says they have found the key to the “temporal regulator.” Enik demands the key for himself.

They pull a fast one on Enik and give him the plaque, but take the key.

Torchy shows up. Meanwhile, Enik is leading a group of Sleestak to attack the Marshalls.

Torchy is caught and is sinking.

Chaka is stranded and night has fallen. (Why don't they ever build a really big fire? They know the Sleestak are bound to attack.)

They find the pylon.

Enik shows up and demands the key.

Jack manages to figure out how to reverse the flow of time. This will allow him to make sure they can save Chaka.

They find the pylon again, having forgotten it's existence when time went backwards.

Torchy is breathing fire on the pylon. The heat fuses the pylon key, so they can't use the pylon.

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