Ancient Guardian

For some reason they are out after dark in an area they are not familiar with.

They find a statue of a Sleestak. They decide to take it with them to study the symbols carved onto it.

The Abominable Snowman comes out of the forbidden area; he apparently had been somehow blocked by the Sleestak statue.

AS chances some Sleestak. The Sleestak leader wakes up Enik to tell him AS is there.

Enik drives him off with some kind of hand-held device that shoots out a green ray.

The ask the Skull of Wisdom what is going on, and the skull gives its usual zen-like answer which the Sleestak leader, as usual, interprets as meaning that the humans are being everything.

The Sleestak come to take the guardian back.

Enik shows up the next morning, and Jack tells him the other Sleestak took the statue during the night.

Enik shows up and tells them the statue will stop AS from coming into the valley, but AS shows up and just knocks the statue over.

They decide to take the statue back to study.

AS goes back to having fun terrorizing the Sleestak.

He goes to the egg chamber and starts eating the contents of one eggs. (Obviously, no one ever told him raw eggs are hazardous to your health.)

Jack studies the statue and moves it. It gets into one position, then shoots rays out of its eyes that start a fire.

The “wise one” says “all are doomed.”

He says the statue works like a solar energy collector. (But how about cloudy and rainy days? How does the statue work then?)

The Sleestak attack, but are driven off. Jack tells Enik, who shows up, that he knows how the statue works and they will put it back in the morning.

The rays from the eyes heat the stones at the end of the canyon, making it too hot for AS to pass.

19 Will sings again.

This episode and the episode two before contradict each other; this one establishing that there is only one way for AS to get into the valley, and that's blocked by the Ancient Guardian, yet the show two back has him wandering around where he wishes.

Also, consider the size of the Sleestak eggs. Consider the size of the Sleestaks. What's wrong with that picture?

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