Holly and Chaka are out gathering wood. There's a bad storm coming, or something, and they also run into Torchy.

Then they see something orange.

The bug that Chaka has been told to leave alone.

Chaka has caught the bug and brought it back with him.

It bites Chaka.

The bug bites Chaka, turns him evil, and he trashes their home.

He gets Grumpy mad so it will chase Holly and the others.

Chaka goes to the lost city and vandalizes the pit.

Chaka takes a skull from the Library of Skulls. He leaves Will's knife there to implicate Will. Enik spots Chaka. The other Sleestak blame the humans and won't listen when Enik tells them it wasn't the humans who took the skull of wisdom. The Sleetak capture Will.

Chaka makes a move to bit Jack.

The Sleestak leader tells Enik that he, also, might be sacrificed.

Enik confronts Chaka.

Enik explains that Chaka was bitten by a beetle worshiped by ancient Egyptians (how the heck would he know that?), and that it cause the evil side of a being to become dominant.

Chaka feeds the beetle a flower to atone for upsetting it; that causes him to return to normal; he grabs the skull and brings it back.

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