Medicine Man

This is the final episode of the series.

Holly and Chaka were going to fix soup, but someone has taken their boiling water.

Jack goes to find out who took the water.

The Indian attacks Jack, but Jack trips him up. He was bringing medicine to his tribe which has many ill people.

He takes the medicine man, who is ill himself, back to their home. The medicine man is from the year 1877.

Will finds the horse and another human, someone from the army of the same time period as the medicine man.

The soldier is also ill.

Will and the soldier run across Torchy.

The soldier hates Lone Wolf, the Indian.

Lone Wolf says he will cure the soldier if he can keep the soldier's horse.

Lone Wolf works on curing the soldier.

The soldier is cured, but he puts Lone Wolf in chains, but he agrees to let him go after some persuasion from the Marshalls.

Lone Wolf and the soldier will leave together, though no one points out to them that there is no conventional exit from the LOTL.

Will sings again.

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