Will hears something and leaves the cave.

Later, he's pulling some weeds from their garden and hears the sound again.

He follows the sound and walks under the warning.

He enters the lost city (which is till there, so Enik from episode 6 must not have been successful in his mission.) He thinks he sees his mother in the next room.

Rick and Holly go in search of Will, but he finds them.

Holly hears the sound.

She follows her brother as he responds to the sound she no longer hears.

He sees what he thinks is his mother again.

She enters the room but since she doesn't hear the sound and doesn't have a glowing stone, she sees no images.

She picks up the stone and sees her mother.

For some reason they are unable to tell their father what they have seen.

Holly says that their mother is actually dead.

They both hear the sound again, but this time their father is following them.

The image changes to that of their father and they both go to it.

It's really a Sleestak that has them.

Rick sees an image of the kids.

It was, of course, a Sleestak trap.

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