Some type of bird.

Will goes to try to catch a bird, and Holly spots something.

Holly talks about one of her dreams.

They communicate over distances by use of mirrors reflecting sunlight. Will moves his mirror and it reflects off something on the pylon.

Grumpy catches his meal.

The pylon opens.

Grumpy appears, so they are going to have to seek refuge in the pylon.

Grumpy tries to bite the pylon, but gets an electric shock in the process.

They find some sort of device in the pylon.

Rick finds Chaka.

Holly has triggered some kind of weather event.

Strange objects appear in the sky.

Will gets felled by a tree.

Dinosaurs to the left of them; dinosaurs to the right of them, so what do they do? Jump into the pond.

They get to the pylon, figuring that, if they press the crystals in the opposite order they did earlier, it will undo the weather problem. (Of course, their clothes are totally dry now, even though they were in a pond minutes before.)

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