The Hole

Rick and Will are in the Ancient City.

Holly's cleaning the cave.

Dopey, the very young dinosaur.

Holly carries on a conversation with Dopey.

Rick gets thrown into the pit.

Rick encounters an English-speaking Sleestak down in the pit. The Sleestak says many humans have come to that area before.

S'latch explains that Sleestak come from eggs, and Big Alice, a dinosaur, protects the eggs until they hatch.

S'latch explains that the Sleetstak are hostile to the humans because they are trying to protect the Ancient City, the only place that they really consider theirs. S'latch also explains that his people consider him a freak since he is so smart and can speak, and that's why they threw him into the pit to be eaten.

She's going to play fetch with Dopey.

She's still talking to Dopey.

They get out of the pit. Rick convinces S'latch to try to educate his people.

They get chased by the other Sleestak and go through a hole in the cave they have not previously explored.

They end up down in the pit again and again have to escape.

S'latch saves all three.

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