Promotional and Special Episodes


Kind: The Shockumentary

Cleo is having problems with Nefera. The students seem to be getting mad at each other for some reason Ghoulia is not affected and brings up a program on her laptop, the program being called the Kindness Campaign. The people from the campaign get there. They have a large box which they say contains the problem and the solution. It's a room with a mirror in it. (This reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson's great song Man in the Mirror.)


Fashion Emergency

Clawdeen calls Frankie and says Draculaura is not going to a dance so they both go there to see what is going on. Draculaura is saying she won't go because she can't find the perfect outfit for the dance. Her closet goes down for level after level with around 1600 outfits in it. It ends up a bunch of girls find neat outfits and wear them to the dance.


Super Fan

The cheerleaders find out the other team they are playing in a casketball game are cheating. There's a wizard that's been using a crystal ball to predict their moves but Ghoulia figures out a way to get rid of it.


Zom-beach party

The girls are relaxing at the beach but Ghoulia arrives, loaded with with books to study from. Cleo wants the others to help Ghoulia have fun 'whether she likes it or not.' Things go wrong and they finally realize they should have let Ghoulia have fun her way.


We Stop Hate

Draculaura is feeling really bad about herself, especially since she can't see herself in a mirror. She reflects on what happened that day which starts with Cleo telling the girls that someone from a We Stop Hate is coming to the school that day. The woman from the group talks to Draculaura. She asks Draculaura what kind of person is she. She makes the point tha tno one is perfect and that people have passions which tell others who they are. THe idea is to celebrate your imperfections.

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