Volume (season) 6


Freak Du Chic Act 1

The girls attend a type of circus. Then there's an explanation of how the school was running out of money and they needed to raise some quickly or have to cut some programs. Having the circus there was a way to raise the needed money. The ghouls start preparing.


Freak Du Chic Act 2

The school accountant finds out about the circus and he wants to shut it down. (Which is pretty darn stupid since it would bring in needed money and would probably cost the school next to nothing.) The headmistress argues against the accountant and the decision is made by the Board of Deducation that the schow can go on but the money needs to be raised by that night. Things don't go well in practice.


Freak Du Chic Act 3

The girls are almost ready to give up but Jellington's speech gives them renewed hope. The accountant tries to stop it but fails again and ends up showing he's a clown. The school gets the needed money.


From Fear to There Part 1

There are three more monster exchange students, Batsy, Kjersti and Dawndancer. Batsy lives in a jungle and works to protect it. A flower is being taken from the jungle to Monster High so she intends to follow it. Kjersti is excellent at a video game but Ghoulia beats her so she heads to Monster High. Dawndancer has a vision while in her village that she should go to Monster High.


From Fear to There Part 2

The story continues. All three girls find who or what they were looking for and all three end up benefitting in ways they never expected.


Decompositoin Class

A teacher gets upset at the class and orders them to write an essay on why they think they belong at the school. It's a really good episode.

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