Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

These are longer than the other episodes which ran maybe less than 3 minutes. These can run 10 minutes or longer.


Calling All Ghouls

From the opening theme you can tell that their main job will be rescuing lost monsters. It opens with the girls going to monster history class. Draculaura's father is teaching the class. (You can tell the artwork is different from the regular seasons. It's not as good as those but it's not as bad as the artwork in the last couple of movies.) There's a rumor of a vampire Princess living in Transylvania. They have some kind of device that, if you say the name of a ghoul, it will teleport you to where they are.

If you don't know the first name of the monster it's not supposed to transport you to where that being is but Draculaura figures out that if you give the device the information you have then it can at least get you near where that being is.

They teleport to a house where the princess might be. The enter the castle but it turns out there are trap doors that transport the person outside. Cleo found this out. Twice. Clawdeen changes into her wolf form and Draculaura can now change into her bat form easily.

It turns out the girl is there. The girl really wants to go to Monster High as she's been alone for a long time.


Island Ghouls

The ghouls next target is an island but Cleo can't go since she didnd't turn in her homework. The other four girls go to the island but a monkey steals their teleport device. Meanwhile, back at the school, Draculaura's father demonstrates the 'parents know nothing about how to use computers' as he's got one and hasn't a clue how it works.

There's a volcano on the island which, according to Dracula, isn't active but it turns out it is. He throws it away but CLeo gets it set up so he can use it and the first thing he watches is a cute kitten video.They find Gil is there.

This series must take place before the regular series as this is the first time Lagoona meets Gil. They escape the volcano and get back to the school.


A Tale of Two Mountains

This one introdues Abbey. Draculaaura is taking Gil around to show him various things in the school. Gil is uset that the volcano may destroy his island. The girls think about trying to freeze the volcano so they set out to bring back a monster with that kind of power.

Meanwhile back at the school two of the guys are helping Ari do a music video. They bring in a model of a volcano. Frankie and Cleo nearly fall off a mountain. The other three girls find Abbey at her home. Abbey saves the lives of Cleo and Frankie.

Abbey freezes the volcano (talk about totally unrealistic) and a bunch of the students come to the island for a party.



Draculaura holds a meeting with Fangelica while the squad goes after Gob who has run away rather than take a test. There's a humanology test coming up the next day. Deuce tells the girls that Gob has not read a single page of the textbook for the course. They try to follow him but end up in a human's store. Draculaura and Fangelica stay at the school to have their party (in which they are supposed to be studying) while Gob steals the squads transport device. The girls catch up to him and realize he's majorly afraid of humans.

Dracula ends up also having fun at Draculaura's party. He ends up canceling the test.


Boo-tiful Music

Toralei and Operetta introductions. Frankie and Venus are doing some kind of project about what kind of music the students like. Frankie and Venus find out a certain plant responds to rock music. The other girls find Operetta. They also find out why Toralei was so anxious to join the group.

Toralei tries to steal one certain diamond. When she does the place starts to collapse. Operetta helps Frankie and Venus with their experiment.


Gargoyle and Water

This episode introduces (or re-introduces) Rochelle Goyle. There's an art show scheduled for the school. There's also a storm and a lot of leaks. Lagoona paints a surfboard. Clawdeen doesn't have her project done and her mother shows up. Dracula tells the girls that gargoyles happen to be expert roof fixers.

In Paris the girls are helping Rochelle fix a roof (there's a monster that keeps making holes in it) while at the school Abbey will help Clawdeen with her art project. Cleo finds out why the other gargoyle has been making holes in Rochelle's roof.

Rochelle goes to the school and fixes it's roof and decides to stay at the school.


Monster High's Got Talent...Show

There's going to be a talent show at the school. The girls talk about why Catty Noir doesn't perform in public any more. What they show is quite different then the explanation given in a regular episode of Monster High. Neither Frankie nor Lagoona can figure out what to do and there's only one day left to prepare.

Catty doesn't want to perform in front of a big crowd but the girls tell her the group at the school will not be big. The girls decide to give her a new look. In the end she performs just as herself and does well.


Too Much Sream Time

The students are playing a Pokemon-like game. Cleo hasn't caught any yet. Frankie is working on the teleport device to discover any more of its abilities. (She's already caught thousands of the crawlies (?) in the game.) Dracula says he'll take the two girl vampires on a camping adventure instead of them playing the game all the time.

(Using the name crawlies is a little surprising since that's the name given to certain creatures that get eaten by the Skeksis in The Dark Crystal.)

Lagoona accidentally finds a way to bring the game creatures into reality. In the woods Dracula acts like he knows what he's doing and doesn't listen ot the girls, ending up picking some kind of poison-ivy like plant. Then Dracula goes after honey in a beehive. Doesn't work too well for him.

Frankie figures out how to catch the creatures and send them back to whereever they came from. Something goes wrong in catching the last of the creatures, though. Meanwhile Dracula tries to start a fire using two sticks.


The Sands of Toralei

The episode starts with the girls trying to make the tallest ice-cream cone in history. Toralei messes things up. Toralei wants to borrow their teleport device since she's bored. Toralei breaks it but not before she, Clawdeen and Lagoon are transported to a desert.

Cleo says it's not sand and it seems they could be on an alien planet. THe girls are in some kind of terrarium. Frankie tries to fix the device but it doesn't work exactly right. The two groups unite but they're all small. They try again and get back to the right size but the lizard comes with them.

The lizard starts chasing Toralei. The rest of the girls have a major decison. Save Toralei or eat a huge mound of ice cream covered with chocolate syrup? Yep. Toralei can wait.


Garden Ghouls

The girls are talking about another ghouls night. A girl calls Venus and asks for the help of the squad.Her sister is behaving strangely and may be planning on destroying their garden. Her sister is making red pollen which disintegrtes any plant life it touches.

Meanwhile Gil is trying to meditate in another garden. Abbey shows up. The girls escape, meet someone and end up with wings. Two more join Gil and things get worse for him. They stop the girl and find out just why she was trying to destroy the garden.


The First Howliday

Dracula, as the teacher, is going to cover human holidays in class. The girls can't quite understand the idea of wrapping up presents. They ask him why humans have holidays and he doesn't know. Draclaura goes to 'normie town' to learn about holidays. Her spider pet opens the box and finds a pair of socks.

Draculaura gets back and tries to explain to the other girls what a human holiday entails. Draculaura wants to create the first howl-iday. Cleo envisions it as for her but Draculaura says it should be for all the monsters. They group asks the other students what they would want for a howl-iday.

Before they get to having an actual howl-iday things get pretty much out of hand. The girls decide to take a little from each idea they had been given about what to do on a howl-iday. They decide to call it All Monsters Day.


Howliday Part 2: Sister Shock

Someone's come up with an idea of celebrating the first howl-iday with a parade. Clawdeens two little brothers arrive and she plays with them. Frankie feels bad because she doesn't have any sisters.Frankie decides to build a little sister.

Frankie names her Alivia. Frankie makes the mistake of trying to make Alivia too much like her and interested in science. Cleo zaccidentally causes one float to move and soon Frankia and Alivia have to work together to stop her from reaching normie town. It turns out Alivia has her own thing, taking excellent photos.


Howliday Part 3: All-Hallow's Eve

Clawdeen talks to her mother who'se working on howl-iday favors. Her mother is going to put the pups to bed but Clawdeen says she'll do it. Her mother doesn't know if Howleen can handle it, though. Things go wrong (of course) so she asks the other girls for help.

There's 12 were-pups. The girls finally get them to bed and Clawdeen's mother says she'll buy all the squad members new i-phones.

<2 align=left>(The actual litter size is 4 to 6.)


Howliday Part 4:Home for the Howlidays

Some presents are given out. Deuce puts too much chili pappers in what he's fixing and it blows up. Bob spits fire. Fangula is upset that she didn't get Draculaura a gift after Draculaura gave her one. Then there's the parade at the school.

Then things get bad. Fangelica was trying to find Clawdeen a present and got captured by a human (the girl from the other episodes.) Then Draculaura gets caught. They do escape. Draculaura and Fangelica decide they will be sisters. The young girl appears and everything goes fine.

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