Extreme Messengers of the Gods: How and Why Extraterrestrials Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

The author of the book (Chet Dembeck) believes that both ancient cities were destroyed by space aliens because the cities had been involved in a project that related to interbreeding of humans and aliens.

The group of aliens were sort of a break-off group from their own civilization. He thinks that homosexuality still had something to do with the destruction of the cities, but the main offense that the Bible refers to was related to the sexual activities between the aliens and the humans.

He then brings up the references in the Bible to women of the time having sex with the 'sons of God,' which has interpreted to be angels or aliens.

He also discusses the possibility that the things in the Bible that refer to the war in Heaven between angels of light and angels of darkness was really a war between two groups of aliens. The losers may have occupied Sodom and Gomorrah for some reason.

He then discusses the Nephilim who were the product of the original mating between the aliens and human women. The hybrids were bigger, stronger and maybe even smarter than regular humans so they were able to become leaders as is, again, referred to in the Bible.

He also believes that the extraterrestrials were against homosexuality. He says this led to lots of effeminate men who suffered breast cancer.

Then the author goes into the story of Lot getting out of the city. The city was then destroyed by some form of nuclear weapon.

And the book ends there.

So, what we have is a war between two groups of extraterrestrials (which is not impossible by any means), the losing group taking refuge on the earth and just happening to settle in Sodom and Gomorrah (instead of someplace where they could be not easily detected by humans and maybe repair their ships.)

Said aliens also just happen to be homophobes.

The sex-crazed aliens also seem to be quite patriarchal in nature, figuring human women were easy and so let's have sex with them and have hybrid children (which would require extensive, very, very advanced techniques and instrumentation, tremendous genetic advances and a whole lot of luck), only to have the alien victors come along and decide to destroy both cities so no evidence of alien influence would be left on the earth.

I think the author is stretching things somewhat here. What he says is not impossible, of course, but is very, very unlikely.

Let's consider. You have a group of aliens that have just had their asses kicked by another group of aliens, meaning they and their craft are probably not in the best of shape. So they decided to settle on the earth, which brings up another set of questions.

How did they know the earth had livable conditions for them? How did they manage to immunize themselves against earth diseases, none of which their bodies would have natural defenses against. When they started screwing the earth women, how come the earth women (and eventually the earth men) did not pick up some strange alien diseases to which they would have no immunity?

They also would have had to figure out some way to bridge the communication gap with the earthlings. Also, earth food might not be the kind the aliens needed, but with their ships probably all shot up they very likely were having a problem with food sources.

Further, if they had studied the earth in-depth previously (to develop cures against any earth diseases, etc,), then that information was most likely in some kind of database that would have been available to both sides, and hiding on a planet that you enemy would expect you to hide on wouldn't be the smartest thing to do, would it?

On the other hand the theory, no matter how strange, would explain the destruction of both cities, the mating of earth women with superior creatures, and the birth of superior hybrids.

The book is interesting, if nothing else.

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