Proof of Extreme UFO Encounters Based on Physical Evidence and Eyewitness Encounters

by Chet Dembeck

This book goes over a number of UFO encounters, including those of one in Brazil in 1957 (where the guy said he had sex with a female alien), a 1964 sighting in New Mexico, one in California, one in Spain and a number of others including one in England.

The various encounters include symbols that the eyewitness said they saw outside or inside the UFO. Dembeck also talks about the plates that the Mormon Joseph Smith claimed to have received with strange writing on them, and some writing claimed by Churchward to be from the lost continent of Mu.

What is in the book is interesting, but I think it would have been more interesting if the author had done some comparing of the various symbols to see if there were similarities. Also, very, very few of the symbols resemble any modern-day language; they appear more Egyptian or Phoenician in style. It also would be interesting to know if anyhow has examined the Churchward Mu language and tried to decipher it using modern methods.