The Shape of Things to Come: Five Cosmic Truths Revealed to Contactees by Extraterrestrial Visitors

by Frank Wilkinson.

Cosmic Principle #1: It's All An Illusion. Our ability to perceive is based on our ability to detect things in three dimensions, but there is much more going on than that.

(True. No one really knows how many dimensions there are. Further, the senses that we have are quite limited in scope, and many things occur outside the range of our senses. We see what we see, but there is a lot more there that we are physically incapable of seeing.)

Cosmic Principle #2: Our Thoughts Create Reality.

(True. Experiments are showing more and more just how much influence the human mind has on what happens in 'reality.' This can, of course, be carried to an extreme. For example, I don't think those on the Titanic all chose to be on that ship and be one of the many that died. I think there is such a thing as random change.)

(However, we do influence what happens, and can set up entirely different tracks of possibilities. One theory is that there are numerous possibilities for any action we take, and they all exist, somewhere, at the same time, but the one that comes into actual being, at least in this 'reality' is the one that is based on one particular decision that we make. Some people believe that there are alternate realities where, if in the example just mentioned we chose choice B instead of choice A, an entirely different reality (at least for us) results. )

(This would also explain how prayer seems to work as well as it does in healing, how Reiki healers accomplish their tasks, and other similar healers, etc. It also may account for those who have 'visions' of the future, where there see at least one future that will exist at some time, in some reality. Unfortunately, it's not always this particular reality that whatever it is occurs in.)

Cosmic Principle #3: 'Good Dreams' are not better than “Bad Dreams'.

Good Dreams may make us complacent.

(I really disagree with this one. As a person who has numerous nightmares, basically nightly, I would take a 'good dream' over a 'bad one' any time. Even if a good dream could make us complacent as the author says, he forgets that bad dreams can make us fearful, upset, and not able to perform to our best capabilities, thus hurting us as much as if not more than any complacency we might have. He's also not referring just to sleep-type dreams, but to very broad dreaming in the way we act.)

Cosmic Principle #4: It Is Time to Wake Up.

We need to become aware that reality is much more complex than we think it is, and is our potential to affect that reality and improve it, but we won't do that until we shake off the concept of dreaming our way through life.

(Pretty much true. We can do a lot more than we think we can do.)

Cosmic Principle #5: We Are One.

(All the following are my comments)

There is to me no doubt that this is the single most important principle of all of the ones the author lists. We are really one people. We are all scientifically Homo sapiens sapiens. No matter the color, religion, nationality, sexual preference, etc, we are still all human beings, period. Everything else is illusion which serves to separate us from others and leads to conflict between people.

Look at a photograph of the Earth taken from space. There are no boundaries between nations in that view. There is only one Earth, and one peoples on the Earth. All of history has been humanity's struggle to separate itself from that fact. This is where the complexity of world religions, and the various arguments those religions have with each other, become really and totally stupid.

We are here on this planet to serve others. We are supposed to live by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Instead of mouthing that principle, it should be the single principle by which every human, every nation, every political body lives. If we followed that one approach to life, the vast majority of human problems would disappear. There would be no need for wars. Most of the crime would disappear. Hatred and prejudice would nearly vanish.

What to Do

The author says we can continue on the path we are on, which could lead to global destruction and the end of humanity; we could make up a superficial solution and live by that until it falls apart, or we can wake up to the nature of reality and our interconnectedness with each other and solve the Earth's problems once and for all.

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