We moved and the place we moved to is near a nature preserve and a forest so we are now seeing deer in our back yard fairly often. The most we have seen at one time is five. The deer do not seem to be afraid of us at all and my taking photos of them, or movies of them doesn't seem to annoy them at all.

The oddest thing that has happened was when the buck was within say around twenty feet of me. One of his girlfriends had moved and was by the forest and he didn't notice. He was looking at me (I was taking photos) and pointed with my hand and finger to the forest and said to him something like she's over there. I pointed several times and suddenly he looked just where I was pointing and ran off to join her. He apparently understood the message I was trying to get across to him.

I have found out that I can walk out onto the grass when a deer is nearby and all it does is look at me and go back to eating. The deer below I probably got within twenty or thirty feet of and it just looked. I don't make any sudden moves and I talk to the deer so maybe it thinks either I'm not dangerous at all or I some crazy being that it's best to ignore and maybe I'll just go away.

Deer on December 31, 2012

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