A, B and C

The Green Dome

#2's control area with lots of blinking lights. The same type of thing used in Star Trek of that time period. The same type of show done today would probably include some very special effects, but then again with advances in science #6 would stand much less of a chance of resisting his captors or of getting away.

#6 is brought in for some "work." Their experiment involves taking #6's thoughts as electrical impulses and converting them into pictures (something done in the movie 5,000,000 Years to Earth). #2 thinks that #6 was going to sell out to one of three possible people, A, B, and C, and they will drug #6 and watch his brainwave thoughts to figure out which person it was.

They then feed an image of a party in to his mind, a party which will eventually have all three of the "suspects" in it, and they will see how he reacts with each one. (One question, of course, is why #6 sees the party from outside himself; you would think that it would be like a dream in which you see from your eyes, not from some perspective outside yourself.)

#6 manages to catch on just after the first part of the experiment, though.After the second session he manages to find where the experiments are being conducted. He manages to sabotage their experiment and turn it against them.

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