In this first episode a man resigns rather forcefully and returns to his flat to get his things together, but before he can leave a mist sprays through the door and he passes out.

When he awakes he finds that he is in a place called The Village where everyone has a number (his number is 6), and in the Green Dome resides a person who is known as Number 2. It's his job to find out why he resigned.

The famous "egg-chair" is also introduced in the first episode.

In addition, there's a strange white ball that can herd a person or kill them. #6 finds out rather quickly that people can't be trusted and that there appears to be know way to escape.

He tries to escape but is caught and brought to the hospital where he gets to see how the Village deals with its "patients."

He's dismissed from the hospital and given clothing and other things.

He is given a device to help him escape with a helicopter but he finds out that it's but the first of many deceits he will experience while in the Village.

One thing to keep in mind is just how old this series is, especially in relation to the technology available. The Village uses computers with magnetic tape and punch-cards. The statues have hidden cameras in them and it seems that almost everything is bugged in one way or another. There doesn't appear to be any night-vision equipment, though, so someone might be able to try and sneak out at night.

The strength of the series is not in its technology, though, but in its depictions of the mind games used by those in power to keep those under them under their control.

The first episode serves as a good introduction to the series and is still interesting even after all this time.

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