Books and Records on the Prisoner, etc.

There are numerous books and records that have come out over the years that are related to the series The Prisoner, Danger Man and Secret Agent. Below are a few.

This is a cd of music from the series Secret Agent, but it's not an actual soundtrack as the material is performed by Edwin Astley and his orchestra. That doesn't mean it's bad, though; the music is done quite well, including the theme song.

The Prisoner: The companion to the class TV series by Robet Fairclough, including a dvd that contains the first episode, Arrival, and the alternate version of Chimes of Big Ben. Beautiful pictures and lots and lots of information on the episodes.

Be Seeing You...Decoding the Prisoner by Chris Gregory. An extremely complex and very interesting book examining the series from the viewpoint of mythological meaning. A few black and white pictures.

The Prisoner by Alain Carraze and Helene Oswald. Another excellent book on the series and its particular episodes along with incredibly gorgeous photographs.

The Prisoner Files by Tim Palgut. This is along the lines of the various "official" maps that came out related to Star Trek and other series, purporting to be maps and sketches showing detailed information about various objects and places in the series. Interesting, but only for a completist.

The Prisoner: The official companion to the TV series.

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