Rover goes by and everyone freezes except for one older man who just walks right on by Rover. He goes to an outdoor human-sized chessboard where people are playing the parts of the chess pieces.

One player makes his own move without permission and is taken to the hospital for "treatment."

#2 takes the prisoner to the hospital to see how they "treat" the person removed the previous day from the chess game. The person is taught to behave and let free, with the prisoner following him later. The Prisoner talks to him about how to tell the difference between the guardians and the prisoners, relating it to how they behave when confronted by someone else.

The Village authorities work on another one of the chess pieces, trying to convince her that she is in love with #6.

#6 works on an escape plan with several other men while the former chess queen confesses her love to him and shows up at his home unannounced.

They make a radio set. They pretend they're a downed airplane to get rescued by a boat but, as can be expected, things don't go according to plan. In the end #6 is betrayed by one of the co-conspirators because he thought #6 was one of "them."

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