Chimes of Big Ben

#6 has just told #2 that he plans to escape and then return, and that when he returns he will obliterate the village and #2 along with it.

A new prisoner moves in near to where #6 lives, a woman who was brought to the Village by a helicopter.

After watching #8 be "interrogated," #6 offers #2 a deal, that he will enter a Village competition (doing wood-working) if the woman is put under his care (sort of). She tells him that they are about thirty miles from the Polish border. He works on building a boat so they can escape that way.

They escape in a boat and find one of #8 friend's. #6 and her are put into a box and shipped via a rather long route, supposedly heading for London.

The box is finally delivered to an office. It has people in it that #6 knows, but the most obnoxious one of them keeps asking him why he resigned. Big Ben (supposedly) chimes, and #6 notices that it's not the correct number of chimes. It turns out, of course, that the whole thing was a set-up and he's back in the Village.

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