Chimes of Big Ben alternative version

There is an "alternate" version of one of the episodes, The Chimes of Big Ben. Some of the differences are rather minor and easily overlooked, others are easier to spot.

Among the differences that might be overlooked are incidental music differences and some minor dialogue differences. It's also looks like a work print of the episode, so it shows various scratches and marks. The color is faded and the music, words and sound are sort of muted.

Things that are somewhat easier to spot are the following:

The opening lacks any music and it looks like a rough cut, the quality of the scene not quite as good as the usual episode openings.

Instead of music as he is walking down the corridor, there is sort of an eerie sound.There is also different music playing as he leaves the building and onward. It's vastly inferior to the actual theme music.

The music is different as he wakes up and looks out the window, also.

A totally additional scene here of Number Six being chased by Rover at the edge of the beach.

More Rover vs. Number Six. This is still in the opening part of the show, before the "show proper" has begun.

Number Six working on a device called a triquetrum.


Ending differences.

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