The Prisoner Video Companion

The Prisoner's first day in the Village.

Then it explains that his captors want to know why he resigned and he just wants to escape the Village.

There are also science fiction elements in the series.

Some see it as a political commentary.

The final episode contains a violent revolution.

McGhoohan was offered the role of 007 before Sean Connery.

The previous series that he did.

Then they talk about the position of #2.

#2s that appeared more than once.

The Butler. He was to represent the 'everyman,' living a life of 'quiet desperation.'

The bicycle. It was a symbol to slow down the wheels of progress.

Then it talks about the village. One of the people involved in the series, who was in a position to know such things, claims that there really was a Village at one time where WWII agents were kept after the war.

His car is discussed.

Next to be covered.

Then it's Rover's turn.

Financial points.

Name changes for episodes.

What would have been the episodes in a 7-episode series as McGoohan first envisioned.

Many issues in the series have been and still are debated.

Is #6 John Drake from Dangerman/Secret Agent?

Did Living in Harmony have to do with the Vietnam War?

Could the real prison be society itself?

#6 confronts #1 and it turns out to be himself.

The Village is evacuated when the rocket is set to launch.

The rocket launches. It could mean that science and the changes it causes could lead to the destruction of the world.

Individualism seems to be opposed by society.

Learning by rote does not teach people how to think.

Does #6 want an army of free people who can breath life into their robot-like existence?

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