Dance of the Dead

In this episode there is a female #2 who is going to preside over the Village's Carnival. She wants #6 to attend, and there is a woman who is his official "watcher."

#6 finds a dead body and takes a radio from the man and puts his own identification with a message on the man's body before dumping it back out to sea.

#2 takes the radio and later puts #6 on trial for its possession. He is found guilty and the people at the Carnival chase him in some form of rather insane manner. He manages to get away, but again has to confront #2 who manages to once again show that she is the one in charge.

This is not my favorite episode. Granted, this #2 is one of the better ones; I just think the people of the carnival chasing after him after his "conviction" is a little silly.

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