The Prisoner's Dilemma

This is a 2005 book based on The Prisoner television series. In this case the overall theme is the construction of a computer that can predict peoples' actions, thus making it easier to control them. #6 is involved in trying to stop it along with a woman who is #18 and who has just killed a guy.

The Prisoner is subject to a lot of drugs, conditioning and mind manipulation, far more than at any time during the actual series. He and #18 are even put through a series of severe tests in different environments (indicating that the Village has some very advanced scientific abilities, thus updating the series without changing it's basic premise.)

There's even a war thrown in for good measure.

One of the questions that arises is whether or not the Village is out to break #6 entirely, or to alter him so that he begins to think like they do, and #6 is under a lot of mental pressure in this book.

The book is basically The Prisoner on a much broader canvas than the series, with the Village being more powerful, armed, and mentally vicious. It really does make for a good read.

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