The Prisoner Files #1

Some of the songs were recorded for the series; others apparently were taken from a standard library of music available to the series makers, the Chappell Recorded Music Production Library. Where I put a title in [ ], it's from that source.


1. Main Title: The opening music to the series.

2. Dialogue: "What is the name of this place?" (etc.) This begins with the "coming awake and looking out the window" music, then goes into the dialogue portion.

3. The cottage maid is seen. [Party Dress] This is the speaker music, if I remember correctly). The nice, ever-present, utterly annoying speaker music. I like the time the Prisoner put the speaker in his refrigerator.

4. The Band appears. (Much longer than in the actual show.)

5. Dialogue: "I suppose you're wondering what you're doing here?"

6. Number 6 in the cottage.[Moon Lullaby] This is the music that seems to keep getting louder and louder and louder.

7. The Band concert [Freedom of the City]: For some reason this music reminds me of music from Richard Rogers and the Victory at Sea series.

8. Afternoon concert [Double X]: Likewise, this music also reminds of of the series Victory at Sea.

9. Dialogue: "I will not make any deals with you. (etc.)"

10. Helicopter escape bid. This music reminds me of the music used in Danger Man.

11. Dialogue: "Subject shows great enthusiasm." (etc.)

Chimes of Big Ben

12. Unused title theme. Very discordant; sounds like fight-scene music. Definitely would not have worked for opening music.

13. Dialogue: "I am not a number." This is the traditional opening dialogue between the Prisoner and Number Two.

14. Number 6 hates the tune [Awkward Squad]. This sounds like some stupid theme song to an old sixties TV comedy show or something. No wonder Number 6 hates the tune. It's also the second-longest track on the cd.

15. Night-time drink [A Child's Lullaby].

16. Dialogue: "Do you still think you can escape, Number 6?" (etc.)

17. Number 8 swims off [Spaceways] (This song was also used in the episode Checkmate). This cut has a definite mystery/science-fiction feel to it.

18. Number 6 chops down the tree [Tropical Forest] (This song was also used in the episode Many Happy Returns). Listenable.

19. Village curfew [Lullaby for Isabelle] (This song was also used in the episode A, B, and C). Sort of pretty, really.

20. Dialogue: "There are some people who talk." (etc.)

21. Exhibition Hall [National Unity March]: Another band-type song.

22. The dinghy casts off [Zero Minus Sixty].

23. Dialogue: "The Village is a place where people turn up."

24. Crate Journey [Ionosphere].

25. Back in the Cottage [Here Comes the Band]. This one is again in the Victory-at-Sea type of songs.

A, B, and C

26. Endgame's party [Capricieuse]. This one really sounds like elevator music.

27. Number 6 dances with B'.

28. Number 6 is dragged off [Lullaby]. No comment. ("Bored out of his skull.")

29. Dreamy party [Mr. Jones]. Absolute sixties feel to this track. It's actually rather cute, too.

30. End title. The traditional ending music.

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