The Prisoner File #2

1. Dialogue: "Transmission begins.... This is from The General.

2. Main title theme. Done by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Sort of an interpretation of the theme, really.

Free for All

3. Breakfast [Southern Hemisphere]:

4. Dialogue: "Elections? In this place? (etc).

5. Speedboat dash. One of the longer pieces of music pretty much straight from the episode. Really nice. The latter half reminds me of Danger Man-type music.

6. Nightclub: Pretty much sounds like stereotypical TV-nightclub music.

7. Dialogue: "What happens if I run against you?" (etc.).

8. Number 6 wins the election. The trumpet music portion with "he's a jolly good fellow" music added.

9. Dialogue" I call this meeting to order."(etc)

10. Number 6 gets beaten.

11. Dialogue: Will you never learn? (etc.)

The General

12. Art class. Very pretty.

13. Speedlearn broadcast [Electro Mind]: If you've seen the episode you'll definitely remember this music.

14. The board meet:

15. Dialogue: "Knowledgeable cabbages" (etc).

16. Exam results.

17. The General.

18. Final report.

Many Happy Returns

19. Adrift at sea [Ocean]. Fairly nice music.

20. Dialogue: "We have a problem" (etc.)

21. Gunrunners. Shouldn't this have come before track 20?

Dance of the Dead

22. Early morning [Pavane]: A very pretty piece of music.

23. Dialogue" "You're a wicked man." (etc.)

24. Carnival: More of the band-type music.

25. Nocturnal escape [Cats Dance]: Sort of interesting, almost like something from a forties or fifties black-and-white movie.

26. Number 6 takes the life-belt: This is one of those short pieces that for some reason you clearly remember from the series.

27. Number 6 leaves the dance [Lonely Flute]. Also used in The Girl Who Was Death. Flute plus harpsichord (probably my favorite musical instrument to listen to.) Also sounds a little like classical music.

28. Dialogue "I like my dream" (etc.)

29. Angry mob [Harpsichord in Drama No. 1]: Sounds a little Twilight-Zone-ish.


30. Human chess [Minuet in F]: Appropriately named.

31. Tower attack. Also used in Fall Out. Another one of the pieces that is easily recalled. I guess I'd call it distinctive to the Prisoner-type of music.

32. MS Poloska [Lost in Atlantis]

Hammer into Anvil

33. Following Number 6: a variation on the music Number 6 was listening to in the store.

34. Village band: Again another cut that I clearly remember from the show.

35. Kosho [Osaka]. Also used in It's Your Funeral.

36. Number 6 fights Number 14: A definite classical-music type approach using harpsichord. A very pretty piece.

A Change of Mind

37. Dialogue: "You are merely citizen Number 6" (etc.)

38. Number 6 at café [Inferno]. Also used in The Girl Who Was Death and Fall Out. One of the strangest of the pieces of music, bordering on annoying at times.

39. End titles.

I wish for the Hammer into Anvil section they would have at least used the dialogue about "you must be either hammer or anvil." That was a very significant conversation between the Prisoner and Number 2. It also happens to be one of the best episodes, in my opinion.

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