The Prisoner File

1. Dialogue: "The one and only Number 6".

2. Main titles-full version. Longer version. Minus the normal opening dialogue.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

3. Janet's party. [Hipster]: Definitely sixties music.

4. Dialogue-"Tomorrow you will wake up a new man." (etc.)

5. European drive [Café au Lait]: Accordian music.

6. Kandersfelt [Swiss Polka] Appropriately named.

The Girl Who Was Death

7. Cricket. Has various nursery rhyme themes in it.

8. Exploding ball [Blast Off]: Sort of like some of the music I've heard from the original Star Trek series.

9. Dialogue: "My Name is Death"

10. Record store [Psychidelic Portrait]: A particular cut of music that is beyond annoying. Yuck wouldn't even begin to categorize it.

11. Poisoned beer [The Whistler]: This is what they should have given the people who were involved in track 10. Poisoned beer and some decent music to listen to while they drank it.

12. Turkish bath [Arabian Market]: Fits what was going on at the time very well.

13. Dialogue: "You are a born survivor. I am a born killer." (etc.)

14. Boxing booth [Fete Foraine]: More annoying sounds. I won't even use the term "music" here. Only the last, say, third of the track can use that term for itself safely.

15. Big Dipper [Star Flat]: Not bad; mostly flute music.

16. Fashion shoot [Bring on the Girls]: This is so twenties in style, it's actually cute. I'd expect it as background to a Laurel and Hardy film or something like that.

17. Car chase [Chasse A Courre]: Definitely a track that I remember from the episode. Fairly good, actually, and somewhat cute at the same time.

18. Spinning car [Psychedelia]: Starts off sounding like something from a soundtrack of an Indian movie with what I think is a sitar. As I remember this particular scene was the most annoying sequence of a rather annoying episode. The music does tend to get a little worse as it goes on, though.

19. Attack on the bulldozer [Catch that Man]: Strange sounds strung together in a sort of jazz format with something vaguely resembling the sound of a duck being sat on played over and over. Not pretty.

20. Lighthouse fort [They Are Coming]: It has a definite military feel to it and so it's appropriate to what was going on at the time. This track includes some dialogue.

Once Upon a Time

21. Regression: Very distinctive and memorable from the episode. Has a spooky feel to it.

22. Dialogue: "Till death do us part" (etc.)

23. Schooldays: Sounds very appropriate to its title.

24. Dialogue: "You must conform" (etc.)

Fall out

25. Opening theme

26. Dialogue: "Number 6 is presented to you" (etc.)

27. Return of Number 2 [September Ballad]: Another very pretty portion of music.

28. President speech [Lunar Landscape]: Does have a space-type feel to it.

29. Dialogue: "I take it you are prepared to meet Number 1?"

30. Number 6 throned [Rag March]: Definitely a memorable cut.

31. Rocket fires up [Toccata]. Organ music which sounds a lot like Bach to me. A really, really good piece of music by itself. I think the best single piece of music on all three cds.

32. End titles. A little "extra" added at the end.

It's also interesting as to what is left out of this cd. No trace of "Dem Bones" is anywhere on the cd, yet it figured quite prominently in the show. There's none of the interplay between the Assembly President and Number 48 in the dialogue, either, and that was a fairly significant part of the episode.

I sort of wish they had done this is four cds, having the fourth devoted entirely to Once Upon a Time and Fall Out, and with the others having more dialogue.

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