It's Your Funeral

A woman comes to the Prisoner's cottage.

Number 2 is talking to the Supervisor about how they gave the girl a drug to cause her to react when the Prisoner would try to throw her out.

She tells him that she wants to prevent an assassination.

One of the control areas that I don't think is ever shown again in the series.

One of the underlings replaces Number Six's watch while Number Six is busy exercising.

A watch shop where the Prisoner goes to get his watch repaired.

Number Six goes to warn Number Two about the plot to kill Number Two. He has no idea it's all a setup.

The Prisoner finds out how they plan to kill Number Two and goes to report, but there's a different Number Two there. It turns out this is the Number Two that they plan to kill (they being the successor to this Number Two), and he finally starts to believe the plot against him.

The Seal of Office contains explosives, but Number Six is able to stop them from being set off.

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