The Prisoner Role Playing Game by Hector Rene Segovia, powered by Fuzion.

The booklet starts out by explain the Fuzion system, then goes into a brief description of what the Prisoner was about. The author calls this game a psychosurreal game.

The very basic rules to follow the the GM (No. 2) are pointed out, to be followed by the traits of the villagers.

There are nine basic traits put into three overall groups, as follows. Each person is given 36 points to spread out among the traits, and is not supposed to have any above 6.

Mental Group: Intelligence, Willpower, Presence
Combat Group: Technique, Reflexes, Dexterity
Physical Group: Constitution, Strength, Body

Then there are Everyman Skills, which start at 2. The player is given 18 points to spread among the skills, with a maximum level of 5. The skills seem to fit well what would be useful in the Village.

The player also has access to gear, depending on their player number.

The system is explained, starting with the skill test. Players do not have hit points as such, but they can be stunned or even killed. They can also get Trouble-Maker Points, which could bring Rover after them. They could be subject to rehabilitation, or just killed off.

Players can get lower numbers as a result of their over-all play and thus rise among the ranks of those in the Village.

There are no story suggestions, though, and no actual hints for No. 2, so it might be difficult for the GM to come up with scenarios that fit in with the Prisoner.

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