The Girl Who Was Death

The show opens with some women watching a cricket match.

A woman who switched cricket balls watches as the ball she substituted is used and ends up blowing up and killing the batter.

The Prisoner is one the street and talking to someone he knows to find out information about the murder.

He goes to a booth where you can listen to records to get his instructions. He's trying to find some kind of super rocket that is to be used against London.

She tries the same switching-the-ball trick on the Prisoner but it doesn't work. She then tries to poison him but that doesn't work either.

She then tries to kill him at a Turkish bath.

She tricks him into taking part in a boxing match.

Then he's told to go to a Tunnel of Love. (By this time the show has gotten so absurd you're wondering just how much longer is left in the episode.)

He follows the woman through an amusement part. (There are lots of blue-screen shots, very obviously done, with lots of stock footage of an amusement park. This seems to be a parody of the stereotypical spy show, but parody does not automatically work right; it has to be done correctly, and in this episode it's just too far over-the-top to be anything but annoying.) During a car chase there is some utterly ridiculous camera work, making it appear that some kind of drug-induced illusion is going on.

The showing of the book numerous times tells us straight out that someone is just telling a rather stupid story.

In a sign of what is to come in the final episode a gun is openly used to try to kill someone.

Another use of a machine gun. She also uses mortars and hand grenades. She even uses a bazooka.

The woman's crazy scientist father.

The Prisoner stops the rocket from being launched and we find, as we expected, that he has been reading from a story book (and modifying the story rather a bit).

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