Living in Harmony

The show opens with a horse running quickly (actually, too quickly; the camera work is totally unrealistic here) and a marshal sitting in a western town.

The Prisoner, who is also a marshal, throws his badge down, resigning, as he throws down the envelope in the normal show opening.

After quitting he walks away and soon gets into a fight with a bunch of guys.

He gets taken to a town called Harmony after being beaten by the gang.

He steps into the saloon and, as in a typical western, everything becomes quiet.

Number Two, as usual, tries to find out why he resigned.

The guy who plays #48 in the concluding episodes of the series, this time playing a gunslinger who, of course, gets decked by the Prisoner.

The mob turns against the Prisoner and he's locked up in "protective custody." They take a different guy out to the mob and they hang him.

A woman from the saloon (the sister of the guy who was hung) comes to the place and offers "the kid" (the later #48) a drink and steals the keys to the cells.

The woman gives the keys to the Prisoner who escapes, steals a horse, rides off, and promptly gets caught again and this time gets dragged behind a horse.

The woman who helped him escape is put on trial. She is found guilty, of course, and "the judge" (Number Two) offers to let her go when the Prisoner agrees to work for him. He agrees and the woman is let free.

The Kid shoots a guy who was being friendly with the woman.

The Kid kills the woman in a fit of jealous rage.

The Prisoner puts on the gun but takes off his badge. He steps outside and the Kid is waiting there for a gunfight.

The Judge shoots the Prisoner and he wakes up in an empty saloon in his normal clothes, the entire thing programmed into his mind.

This is essentially the similar thing done in A, B and C, except that this time a western town is constructed with a lot of cardboard cutouts for horses and people. The Prisoner goes to Number Two's residence and Number Two, the Kid, and the woman from the saloon are all there.

Number 8/the Kid, goes nuts and attacks the woman in "real life." The woman dies and #8 goes up to the next floor and jumps/falls off the railing to kill himself.

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