Once Upon a Time

Rover's in the egg chair.

The Number Two from Chimes of Big Ben has returned.

Number Two asks for approval of "Degree Absolute."

The instrument is doing something to the Prisoner's brain while Number Two sings (sort of) nursery rhymes.

The Prisoner has been mentally regressed to a child.

They will be in this room for one week with the strong possibility that one of them will die by the end of that week. Number Two refers to the "Seven Ages of Man" from Shakespeare. The first stage is that of the infant.

Number Two then brings him forward to the point where the Prisoner thinks he is attending school.

The intensity of the interaction between Number Two and Number Six increases. Number Two asks Number Six why he resigned. Number Six hits Number Two and almost strangles him to death before being hit by the butler. Number Two then regresses the Prisoner again to start the process all over. In a fencing match Number Two goads the Prisoner and ends up getting stabbed in the arm when the protective end comes off the sword.

Number Six has been sent to "jail" for "speeding." The Prisoner tells him he resigned "for peace of mind" because "too many people know too much."

Number Six turns the psychological tables on Number Two.

The Prisoner tricks Number Two and locks him up, giving the butler the key.

Number Two dies. The supervisor shows up and asks the Prisoner what he wants, and he says he wants to be taken to Number One.

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