The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

The Scarecrow is involved in a smuggling operation. Some of his men have spotted excise men from the Crown coming.

The Scarecrow takes off his mask.

The British general who has vowed to stop the Scarecrow and all those who help him.

An American wanted for treason is being chased by British soldiers. A woman tells him to go to the Vicar, Dr. Syn. The guy has some papers he stole from the British that have to do with the Scarecrow.

Dr. Syn.

The Justice of the Peace for the area on the left being upbraided by General Pugh. The general threatens to have press gangs come and take men from the area for the British ships.

One of the naval press gangs. Dr. Syn is holding a Wednesday service. One of the Scarecrow's men enters and throws a knife with a message warning all able-bodied men to hide.

The thugs catch one man.

A problem arises that the Scarecrow has to handle. He and his men capture the thugs. Then the general tries to terrorize the people into giving up the Scarecrow, then he tries to work on individual people by threatening them with prison sentences.

The daughter of the Justice of the Peace and one of the British officers who doesn't care at all for the way Pugh does things. One guy is willing to betray the Scarecrow, but the Scarecrow finds out in time.

The catch the crown's prosecutor.

King George III gives Gen. Pugh one month to stamp out the Scarecrow and his men.

The brother who had been impressed into the British navy escapes and reunites with his father. The brother and the American get captured and put into prison. The Scarecrow concocts a plan to get them out of prison and out of the area completely.

The British officer helps Dr. Syn and his men to free the prisoners. The officer doesn't approval of what General Pugh has been doing. He gets the men out right under General Pugh's nose, almost literally.

The prisoners will be shipped to Holland and then to America. Meanwhile the British officer is going to quit the Army, marry Kate, the daughter of the justice of the peace, and also go to America.

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