Schzoid Man

The episode opens with #6 working with another prisoner, using a deck of Rhine cards which are used for testing potential ESP in people.

The Doctors take him and work with him, making #6 believe he is a different person, #12. They use drugs and various forms of behavior modification.

#2 meets with "#12" and tells him he is to impersonate #6 and cause him to question his own self-identify.

Two workers modify "#12's" appearance so he looks just like #6.

The fake #6 arrives home.

They confront each other. (Why is the fake #6 wearing a button when the actual #6 never does and it probably said so in his file that the actual #6 had already read.?)

The woman who was working with the Rhine cards is brought to, but things don't go as the actual #6 planned.

The actual #6 catches on to the fact that more time has passed then supposedly had. He also begins to remember some of the things they had done to him.

The actual #6 then goes to confront the fake #6 and defeats him.

The real #6, pretending to be #12, phones #2 later and tells him that Rover (the first time the name had actually been used in the series) killed #6.

#6 tries to play the part of #12 in order to escape but he says too much and #2 becomes suspicious. In the end #2 is able to block #6's attempted escape by tricking him.

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